Welcome to the blog!

I made this blog to force myself to think publicly about various ideas, and to help spread the good ones that come out of it. When I post my thoughts publicly, I often simulate many different people critiquing my views and generate more insight than I would have otherwise: getting the real feedback is better than simulated feedback though.

I intend to post about subjects in multiple areas of relevance to effective altruists, and people who care about the future. I am hoping that I can use this blog to spread good ideas, or to have people crush my bad ideas that I have held onto too long.

In writing, I intend to have a bias toward action, and then to refine what I write as I reflect more and get feedback. I will be changing my posts to some degree to reflect my current thoughts unless doing so becomes overwhelming.

Another thing I intend to do is to use some sort of pop-ups or expanding text so that I can elaborate on specific things without linking to other pages or wasting people’s time: I want my posts to convey information quickly, and for people who are confused to literally be able to zoom in on the area of confusion/ambiguity in my writing. The purpose of this is two fold: it will make the blog more accessible to new people while not wasting the time of people more experienced in the ideas I am talking about as much.



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